7 moving hacks that actually work

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In our desire to go through the relocation process as smoothly as possible, we often try various tricks. We try to find ways to pack and move as easily and fast as we can. And you’ll admit, it’s neither easy nor fun at all, especially if you’re moving your entire household. Packing can be quite time-consuming and tiring, so let’s discuss some moving hacks that actually work. Spyder Moving and Storage will assist you if you get overwhelmed by the amount of work at some point. Packing and unpacking services are just some of our many solutions. Even if you were planning a DIY move, we could advise you and offer guidance. So don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

1. Purging your inventory really makes the difference

You’ve probably come across this advice quite often, but it’s really a key one. It’s only when you face relocation that you realize how much stuff you own without even using them. Research indicates that over 54% of Americans live in clutter, while the average American home has over 300,000 items, and 80% of those items are never used.

woman sitting in her closet trying to come up with moving hacks that actually work
Reduce inventory before moving by purging your closets.

If you look at things realistically and honestly, you will admit that your closets are also full of unnecessary items. Therefore, decluttering is necessary before moving. The more you manage to reduce the number of your items, the less time and money you will spend on packing. Decluttering is one of the moving hacks that actually work, and here are some practical ways to do it:

  • You can try to sell branded clothes or other valuable items that serve you no longer. Such is the case with a bicycle or stroller that your children have outgrown, or your old comic books collection. If weather permits, you can organize a yard sale, or you can sell online, whichever suits your preferences.
  • Discard all broken and damaged objects, as well as anything else that you cannot give away or sell due to wear and tear and age. It is advisable to sort all your waste and hand it over to the nearest recycling center.
  • Another moving hack to downsize your inventory is to donate your items. Make sure things are in decent condition and well preserved. Don’t donate what you wouldn’t wear or use yourself. You can donate to a local charity or you can donate things to Arc Thrift Stores, which collects donations for persons with intellectual disabilities.

2. Invest in quality plastic bins

Good old-fashioned cardboard boxes are easy to find, and they don’t cost a fortune. However, solid bins made of recycled plastic with lids are a more secure solution, especially for long-distance moves. Some items are still better packed and shipped in sturdy, moisture-proof boxes. Also, dust, odors, and pests cannot penetrate inside. They are worth the investment because you can use them again in the household after the move. It’s a great way to store seasonal clothes, toys, tools, or collectibles. They are even more useful if you are going to store them all in a garage or storage room. If you have not yet rented a storage room, movers in Memphis residents trust offer this service among others, too. 

3. Prepare kits with basic supplies for the first few days

Box of essentials is a well-known term among frequent movers. Anyone who’s relocated before will surely advise you to prepare several boxes with basic items for different situations. On the first day, you will need a box with personal items, toiletries, medicine, clean clothes, chargers, etc. In addition, prepare a kit with cleaning products and tools kit in case a quick repair is needed. Of course, you must have a first aid kit, since injuries are possible, if not probable during a relocation. Research shows that 64% of respondents reported an injury after moving, so prepare well and be careful. 

hand in pink glove holding yellow spray cleaning product
Prepare kits for first aid, cleaning, and quick repairs.

4. Close full drawers and pack hanging clothes all at once

This hack definitely shortens the time spent on packing and unpacking. Just use tape to secure dresser drawers from opening during handling and transportation. Make sure you use tape with less adhesive to avoid damaging the surface. Another trick, which Memphis movers and packers have seen time and time again, is packing clothes while still on hangers. You just need to gather a dozen of hangers and rubberband them together. And then place them in wardrobe boxes, designed for hanging clothes. You can use regular garbage bags instead.

5. Color coding and labeling are moving hacks that actually work

Assign a color to each room, and color code the boxes as you pack. That way you will avoid clutter and confusion, and it’ll also make unpacking easier and faster. Stick the labels on the sides of the boxes, so that they are clearly visible. Mark and highlight all boxes containing fragile items to alert your movers. However, if this seems like too much work, opt for the professional packing and unpacking services our company offers.

6. Use items you already own for packing

Many household items can be used as wraps or instead of moving boxes. Suitcases can work, as well as any larger bags you have. Fill them with books or wardrobe, just be sure to close them well. And your t-shirts and sheets are great wrapping material, and so are towels. While your blankets and quilts can serve as padding, you’ll have to wash them eventually. This can save you a significant amount of money.

several folded sheets tied with twine
Using your sheets as wrapping material is one of the moving hacks that actually work.

7. Organize small stuff

In all that piles of boxes and containers, the hardest thing is to find small things. And believe it, screws, furniture wheels, handles, and similar tiny items are most often lost. You can use jars with lids, to make them visible and within reach. Also, Ziploc bags are also a good choice since they are transparent and seal well. Memphis office movers usually use those for small office supplies, paper clips, staples, etc. 

Apply these moving tips to see if they actually work

Among many tips that can be found on the net, we selected 7 moving hacks that actually work. If you apply them, they can notably save you both time and money. That will make your move easier and a less stressful experience.