6 things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee

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You’ve been a Texan your whole life, but have just made up your mind and decided it’s time to settle down in Tennessee? That’s precisely why we at Spyder Moving and Storage have made it our mission to help you out. We’ve come up with the top 6 things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee so that your move goes by without a hitch. Let’s dive in and start planning your move to the beloved state of Tennessee.

The cost of living

The first thing that we should talk about is the cost of living. The overall cost of living is 8% lower than the national average in Texas. On the other hand, it is 10% lower than the national average in Tennessee. For some people, this might not feel like a lot but in the year of recession, every penny counts. This will highly depend on the place where you’ll live but overall these are the numbers. Another thing that is cheaper in Tennessee compared to Texas is utilities; they’re 4% higher than the national average in Texas but 8% lower than the national average in Tennessee. Housing is also more affordable in Tennessee than in Texas.

A photo of dollar bills and a white paper with "taxes" written on it;
One of the things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee is that Tennessee has some of the lowest taxes in the US


Another thing that you should research well before moving is taxes. They’re quite low in Texas (8.22%) but in Tennessee, they’re even lower (5.75%). We all know that there aren’t any state income taxes in Taxes, while they’re somewhere around 5% in Tennessee. On the other hand, property tax is 3.97 % in Texas but only 1.71 % in Tenessee. When it comes to sales taxes, they’re only 7% in Tennessee compared to 8% in Texas. Also, one more tax that Texas doesn’t have but that exists in Tennesee is the dividend and interest tax. Individuals, firms, organizations, and trusts with a registered Tennessee domicile are subject to the tax. As some of the more experienced long distance movers Texas has, we can tell you that back in 2019 the majority of people were moving from Texas to Tennessee mostly for these two reasons.

The weather

The four different seasons and mild temperatures of Tennessee’s climate are well-known. Even though it is warm in the summer, it is not as hot and humid as Texas. For some who prefer a cooler summer, this might be a pleasant change. Tennessee’s winters are typically moderate, with sporadic snowfall and frost, although the state still has milder winters than states further north. Average temperatures in the spring and fall range from the mid-50s to the mid-70s. As a result, Tennessee is a great location for enjoying the outdoors and all the seasons. One of Tennessee’s biggest draws for individuals seeking a more temperate lifestyle is its moderate temperature. If you want to save some money on moving to Tennessee from Texas, plan a winter move; it’s the cheapest period to move.

Snowy forest;
One of the biggest differences might be the weather.

The culture

The culture of Tennessee may be different from the culture in Texas, especially in terms of music and southern hospitality for Texans who move there. Reliable interstate moving companies Texas can help you move but they can’t help you adapt to new cultural surroundings. It’s well known that both Texans and Tennesseeans love music but it’s quite different in style. Particularly in the world of country and blues music, Tennessee has a rich cultural past. The state capital of Nashville, which is sometimes referred to as the “Music City,” is home to several country music venues, museums, and recording facilities. Memphis is famous for its blues music and is home to Beale Street; which has been a center for blues music since the early 1900s.

Gun regulations

Tennessee and Texas have different laws governing weapons and guns. Texas has relatively lenient gun restrictions, including a “must-issue” concealed carry permit policy, which means that a permit will be issued if certain requirements are satisfied. In Texas, the open carrying of weapons is also authorized in the majority of public areas. While open carry is permitted in Tennessee with a permit and concealed carry permits are also “must issue,” there are several places where carrying a handgun is prohibited, including public places like government buildings, parks, and schools. Additionally, Texas only required background checks for weapons acquired from licensed dealers, whereas Tennessee enforces them for all firearms sales, including those between private persons.

Woman holding a gun next to the man while thinking about 7 things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee;
One of the things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee is that gun regulations are similar but not as liberal as those in Texas.

The job market

When it comes to the job market, Texas is still a bit better since it simply has bigger names and larger companies. On the other hand, there are plenty of jobs in Tennessee too, just overall the state has fewer people thus fewer corporations and overall jobs. There isn’t really a completely objective take on which of these two places is better from a business standpoint. It all really depends on your personal take and preferences. If you’re looking to find work in a large, developed corporation, Texas would be the place to do so. Likewise, if you’re looking to be a part of a strat-up or even build your own business, Tennessee is your state.

Final thoughts on the 6 things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you found this article useful. These were our 6 things to remember when moving from Texas to Tennessee. Simply said there are plenty of cultural differences when it comes to music the most. People are friendly in both places but they’re friendlier in Tennessee. Gun restrictions are more or less similar but Tennessee has less gun “liberty” in comparison to Texas. Taxes are lower in Tennessee and so are moving expenses too. While the cost of living is lower in Tennessee by 2% overall but we’re in a recession so every penny counts. Finally, the weather might be the biggest difference so far but you’ll adapt quickly. Have a nice time in Tennessee and we hope that you’ll have a stress-free move.