6 missteps when moving with kids

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When moving house, you must complete many tasks if you want to have a stress-free and efficient relocation. But usually, that is not the case. Simply because there are many factors at play here. One of them is your children that seek attention and slow you down while you must organize, pack, search for moving companies Southaven, and work on other moving-related tasks. So, let us help you avoid missteps when moving with kids and despite them being around, prepare for the relocation properly. Let’s take a look.

Not creating your relocation plan on time is one of the biggest missteps when moving with kids

Yes, as we already said, your kids require a lot of attention during the packing and moving process. The upcoming weeks will be tough on the whole family and the smaller the children are, the harder it gets. So, to avoid missteps when moving with kids, you must work on your moving checklist and create a moving plan as soon as you realize you are moving. Before even they realize that anything strange is going on. As you know, your kids can sense and feel your energies and when you become unsettled and anxious they will become as well and you’ll have another task on your hands. To calm them down and be around them for days. Therefore, start working on your inventory and moving checklist as soon as you decide on the moving date.

calendar and a pen
You must create a moving plan and choose a moving date as soon as you decide on moving. Buy yourself as much time as possible.

Start by inspecting the whole environment and note down all belongings and furniture. Check out if your home is a safe place to work in and if there are any items that need special tools or equipment to be moved. Once you have it all on paper, start calculating a budget, work on your schedule, list down errands, moving responsibilities, and chores. Once completed, the list should go to your movers Olive Branch MS for an evaluation so they can calculate the moving price and figure out if there is a way to make it more efficient, less time-consuming, and more affordable. And they will.

Try to explain the whole situation

No matter how old your child is, you must explain the whole situation to them somehow. Of course, you won’t be talking to a baby but children over the age of 5 can understand what this means. Such a change can have a huge impact on their childhood, development, and cause serious trauma if not handled properly. Therefore, you must approach it carefully and prepare that there is a chance that you will be dealing with moving depression, anxiety, and homesickness. If your children start behaving oddly or go silent, try talking to them or seek professional help.

baby sitting on the ground
You’ll have a hard time explaining this to smaller children. But you should be there for them nonetheless.

But if you spin the whole relocation endeavor to the positive side of the story, you can reach the positive outcome. Tell them how lovely your new home and neighborhood are. Glorify their new school, playground, the fact they’ll meet new friends, a promise of a new toy, or a pet. Tell them you’ll have a garden, pool, or a bigger room, etc. They will love to hear something like that. But do not overdo it because disappointment can be equally damaging as moving depression.

Introduce your kid to the new environment

This is an amazing technique to improve the mood of your children while relocating. Take them out for an adventure and visit your new neighborhood. You can do it alone or bring the entire family with you. Whatever you prefer is better. Simply visit all the points of interest and your new home of course. Let them explore a bit and after they do, take them for ice cream and a bite to eat before they hit the sack. This kind of experience will stick with them and they can’t wait to do it again. And soon they will.

Not scheduling your movers on time is another among missteps when moving with kids

One of the biggest missteps when moving with kids is not scheduling your movers in Mississippi on time. As you probably know, movers have tight schedules over the peak season and prices can be higher if you do not book your date on time. Kids can distract you easily with all the responsibilities you have around them. So, we advise you to book your movers as soon as possible and then cover everything else.

Hence, go online, check the top choices and read a few moving reviews. You will easily find local professional assistance. All you must do is to ensure they are legit, licensed, and have all the tools required for the job. Give them a call to double-check all the requirements and then make all the arrangements.

Find more helpers if possible

If possible, you can seek more helpers to make the whole relocation project easier. For example, you should ask your relatives, coworkers, neighbors, friends, and of course, your spouse and the family you live with. If you gather together, your relocation tasks will be completed before the moving day is upon you. If you can’t remember what those are, let us quickly make a list of those tasks. Include the following onto the list:

  • Hiring movers
  • Moving budget and costs
  • Packing
  • Moving services
  • Legalities
  • Responsibilities
hire movers to avoid missteps when moving with kids
Think about utilizing moving services. Movers can help a lot.

Is your relocation safe?

Lastly, you want to ensure your relocation is safe when moving with kids. The best-case scenario is to remove them out from the picture completely. But sometimes, it can be a hard thing to do. If you can leave them at your grandparents on the day you pack and the day you move, that would be ok. Or at least live them with a sitter for a couple of days. Maybe you can even exclude yourself from the relocation process completely and take your children out on vacation while your better half covers the hardest parts. On the other hand, if they must stay at home, you can include them in the packing process and let them run minor errands. Just make sure they stay away from hazardous materials, items, and objects. Also, this widely depends on the age of your children. Keep that in mind.

Now you know more about missteps when moving with kids. Hopefully, you won’t make any now when you read our guide. You should be able to prepare adequately and embark on this journey safely and efficiently. Good luck.