6 eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move

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Moving to Mississippi can seem like a tricky thing to pull off. There’s simply a lot to think about, and it always seems like you might forget something. Moreover, if you want to do an eco-friendly relocation, it becomes even messier. What are the easiest ways to do it? How not to overspend money in the process of it? These 6 eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move are really going to help you. We share some of the best expert tips and tricks on the market, thanks to years of experience. Companies such as Spyder Moving and Storage have been a longstanding force on the market, and know how the business is done. With our help and advice, your move is going to be as eco-friendly as possible, while saving you from higher expenses.

You will want to declutter before starting to pack for your Mississippi move

Decluttering should definitely be the first thing you’re going to do. Even though it might seem easy enough and somewhat trivial, this is very important and will save you a ton of time later on. You want to start by getting rid of everything you don’t need anymore. There are several ways you can do this. For example, you can either donate, throw away or sell the items to someone. Whatever you decide to do, it’s probably the best idea to donate them to someone. There’s no better eco-friendly thing to do! If someone else can use the same item, they won’t need to buy a new one. Therefore, you’re caring about the environment. The worst-case scenario is that you throw it away, but sometimes you can’t do anything else.

A woman carrying some boxes which she's reusing, since that's one of the common eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move.
Decluttering is a must if you want to do an eco-friendly relocation.

Reusing storage boxes definitely makes the list of eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move

While older ones might be a bit damaged, they should still be very good and ready to be used again. In fact, this is one of the most popular green packing tips for your Mississippi move you’re going to find. If you’ve thrown your boxes away already, buy new ones and save them for your next move. The goal is not to buy new stuff, but to reuse old items as much as possible, according to the packing and unpacking services moving companies in Mississippi offers.

Minimize the number of trips by car when moving by hiring a moving company

Doing a DIY move is entirely possible, albeit in that case you’re more likely to go back and forth a couple of times, especially for a short distance. Depending on where you’re moving to Mississippi from, there are a ton of great eco-friendly moving companies out there. Moreover, with the sheer numbers of those who offer extra eco-friendly options, you’re guaranteed to have a good moving experience. You’ll need to ask the company for their moving quotes and what they do to protect the environment, and you should be satisfied with the answers. If not, just find another company.

A guy driving a moving truck, from one of the eco-friendly moving companies in Mississippi you can hire for your move.
Moving companies are a better way to move rather than doing a DIY move.

Don’t buy moving supplies, use stuff from your home

There are a ton of great, very useful, and needed moving supplies. But, if you want to do an eco-friendly move, then there are better and cheaper, options. For example, instead of using bubble wrapping for your fragile items, put some clothes around them. That’s most likely not the best alternative, but it’s something a lot of people who care about the environment do. Bubble wraps are made out of plastic. That is definitely not the most eco-friendly option out there. That’s why movers often recommend using towels or just clothes instead. Put them around the fragile item, and tuck it in. If nothing goes wrong, your item should look as good as new.

One of the best eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move is to hire a green moving company

Nowadays, there are lots of great moving companies that care about the environment and offer eco-friendly relocations. Hiring such a company is going to really ensure you’re doing everything you can. Some of them even offer packing services that are eco-friendly, so definitely consider that when planning your relocation to Mississippi. For example, consider some of the great Mississippi long distance movers and directly ask them about their eco-friendly services. That’s the best way to see if they’re a good fit for your needs and if you can work with them. Most likely, however, they’re indeed going to offer some services you will want to use.

A picture of a moving truck up close.
One of the best eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move is to hire a moving company that’s conscious about the environment and tailors their service according to it.

Cut your old clothes and use them as cleaning rugs for an effective eco-friendly Mississippi move

You will have to clean lots of dust when moving to Mississippi, especially while packing. Instead of using paper towels, use old clothes you no longer need. Afterward, you can just throw them in the washer. That’s going to ensure you’re extra eco-friendly about it since paper towels cannot be reused. Actually, the key to an eco-friendly Mississippi relocation is to reuse as many items as possible and to try to minimize throwing something away or buying something new. That doesn’t mean you need to keep everything, you absolutely need to declutter, just be mindful of it. Moreover, if you’re unsure of eco-friendly ways to do something, you can always hire a company that cares about the environment, such is the case with many Oxford movers and packers.

Why is Mississippi so popular and is it eco-friendly?

With a population of just under 3 million, the state has lots of space for expansion. Additionally, the cost of living is lower than it is practically everywhere else in the country. The state is also big on recycling and being environmentally friendly! The staff of the recycling and waste reduction program collaborates closely with a wide range of businesses in the state and region. Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB) and its regional affiliates, the Mississippi Recycling Coalition (MRC), and the Earth 911 Network are a few of these groups. You’re going to have so many excellent options to continue practicing sustainability even after you’ve relocated to Mississippi. We hope our eco-friendly packing tips for your Mississippi move help you with everything you need. Good luck!