5 tips for packing and moving electronics

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Don’t risk damaging your most expensive possessions by packing them without first reading our instructions! Spyder Moving experts will teach you how to approach packing and moving electronics or shipping them, the right way. As opposed to fragile antiques or family photos, people usually pack electronics in a much more careless manner. However, note that although computers, game consoles, and printers have hardy plastic cases to protect them from everyday wear, they still do require special care when you pack them for your upcoming move. The following tips will keep all your electronics safe and functioning correctly.

Monitor and a coffee on a desk
We’ll teach you how to pack and move your electronic devices for moving so you can protect your investment.

1. Make a backup of all important files and documents

  • Anything can happen on the road. But if it does, you will have all your information stored on an external hard drive.
  • To avoid nightmares while packing and moving electronics, you must backup all irreplaceable computer files. Movers Memphis TN think your safest bet is to use an online cloud service such as Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox.
  • To make things even safer until your electronic devices reach their final destination, book Spyder Moving Services. Still, just to be sure, you should create a boot-up computer password. Just make sure you find one that is really hard to guess by unwanted persons.

2. Detach wires and accessories before packing and moving electronics

While it may seem like a time-saver to leave detachable items connected, in reality, prolonged metal-to-metal contact can cause serious damage. Especially if you want to protect your items while in storage. Also, you need to remove any batteries in remotes or accessories before packing and moving electronics. Battery corrosion can destroy electronic components.

3. Use moving blankets for packing electronic devices

Did you know that massive flat-screen televisions don’t fit in standard moving boxes? When packing and moving these types of devices you should cover them well with padded moving blankets. Make sure you store them against a wall to provide support.

4. Packing electronics for moving

  • Electronics experts advocate saving the original packaging for electronic devices since they contain perfectly shaped foam pieces and inserts. These keep items from shifting during transport.
  • Additionally, original boxes hold resale value when packing and moving electronics that are potentially collectible items.
  • However, if you no longer have the original cases, you can also use big boxes. Fill them with plenty of Styrofoam packing peanuts on all sides.
Laptop and phone on a table before packing and moving electronics
If you leave electronic devices in a storage unit, unsteady temperatures, humidity, and dust will damage any sensitive components.

5. Final tip

Finally, remember to leave at least two inches of space on all sides of the device. Feel free to add packages of silica gel to the packaging. Silica is great at absorbing excess moisture before it can collect on metal components and facilitate corrosion. We hope this guide helped you learn how to pack electronics for optimum results! Contact us once you’re all packed because we will transport your devices to your new home, office, or a climate-controlled storage unit. Have a smooth relocation with the help of the best movers in the business!