5 things that can sabotage a relocation

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Moving is usually a real challenge, there is no argument in this. Everything from planning to packing can often leave you very stressed. If something goes wrong, this stress soon turns into panic. However, this is not something you should focus on. It is very easy to avoid things that can sabotage a relocation if you hire local movers Memphis TN for a smooth move. Experienced and professional workers take most of the work into their own hands, saving you nerves, time, and money.

black dog sitting in a box
Even though moving is stressful, with good preparation and planning it can be really smooth

Given that moving is one of the most stressful experiences one goes through in their life, you will surely experience some problems along the way. If you have ever heard of Murphy’s law, it states that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. As pessimistic as it may sound, it often proves true during a move. A wide variety of issues can pop up along the way and sabotage your move. Lucky for you, there are ways to avoid the most common problems with a little preparation and planning. Take a look at the guide below and get familiar with the 5 common situations that make a move difficult. Once you learn how they work and how to avoid them, your move will be a breeze.

Bad weather can often sabotage a relocation

There are many factors that you simply can’t predict or plan that can sabotage a relocation. The weather is among the top. Mother nature has a weird thing for throwing her absolute worst weather your way, especially when you least expect it, or need it. Intense heat or rain, fog, blizzards, and storms, can all wreak havoc on your valuables, trucks, and the long-distance movers you hired. Although you can’t control the weather, you can at least prepare for it. Check the forecast in the days prior to the move and plan accordingly. If there is a storm coming your way, wrap your items in plastic and place non-slip mats and rugs on the floors. If the forecast predicts high temperatures, stock up on cold drinks for everyone involved. For added safety and accurate planning, weather apps, such as Accuweather, can give you hour-by-hour or even minute-by-minute forecasts.

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Bad weather can really ruin your moving day, so prepare yourself, and your items

Furniture that simply does not fit

That giant, comfy couch looks perfectly placed in your old home. But, will it fit just as good at your new place? Navigating it out the hallway, through the doors, down a flight of stairs and through the door again, could be more work than it is worth. Even if you manage to get it into the truck and move it to your new address, there is no guarantee that it will fit through the front door and the hallways all over again. To avoid unnecessary work and moving costs, simply measure your furniture pieces and the doorways of your new home. If, for example, the table is too wide, you may have to disassemble it before loading it on the truck. If the closet is too tall to be carried down the stairs, your solution might be hiring a hoisting service.

Property damage is another show stopper

When you move, you can always expect a couple of bumps, knocks, and dents. However, while some of your items can take a beating, most of your glassware and electronics won’t be able to take the pressure. Trying to organize everything in a hurry can easily make your focus drop and sabotage a relocation. If you drop that heavy table you’re carrying, rest assured the wooden floor will be left with a deep dent. Or, if your child slipped a bathroom mirror next to the book boxes, it will surely arrive at your new home in shards.

To keep your property safe, always hire professionals to move any bulky or fragile items. It is also a good idea to go for moving insurance, as an added precaution. Pack your delicate items in plenty of bubble wrap and blankets. Lay down plastic covering on the floors, both in your old and new home, to prevent slips. When loading your items on the truck, the heavy and bulky objects should always be at the bottom of the stack. Lastly, remember to use new and reinforced boxes, as old ones can be weakened down and prone to collapsing.

Traffic jams can cause delays and problems

Heavy traffic, road accidents, and breakdowns can all keep your car or your moving truck from getting to your new home on time. Even if you arrive at your new destination in sync and on time, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. You may still struggle with finding a parking space big enough to fit the moving truck and allow you to easily unload your items. To prevent this, do a little maintenance and inspection a few days before the move. Check your cars fuel level, and schedule a check-up with your mechanic.

a traffic jam that can sabotage a relocation
Traffic jams and accidents can cause road blocks, which makes you lose time

Plan out travel routes, so you always have an alternative in case one road is blocked or jammed. Traffic apps such as Waze are useful for alerting you of traffic accidents along the way. To help the movers, check the parking availability at your new home. In case your driveway is too narrow, look for a close clearing and direct them to that area.

Nothing can sabotage a relocation like injuries

Even though you can pack your table and TV to stay snug and safe during the trip, you can’t wrap yourself or your moving crew in bubble wrap as well. As you grab boxes, appliances, and bags in a hurry, you risk twisting your ankle or straining your back. What you can do, however, is take some extra precautions to ensure everyone is safe. To minimize the risk of injury, keep the pathways clear of toys, rugs, and debris. A sprained ankle or twisted tendon can easily sabotage a relocation. To prevent this, teach everyone how to lift correctly, with their backs straight and knees bent. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals who have the needed tools and tricks to pull it off with ease.