5 steps to packing a mirror

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Packing represents one of the most delicate parts of the moving process. Your performance now is what is going to determine what items of yours are going to go through the move without a scratch and which ones may suffer damage. But not all things require the same attention while packing. If you have fragile items you should prepare them before packing and transporting them. Bear with us for these are the 5 steps to packing a mirror. 

Find out more about packing

Given the importance of this aspect of the move, try to gather as much information and tips in advance. You can do this with the help of professional movers or you can complete it yourself. Keep in mind that you can choose suitable moving services TN that will make your entire relocation easier. The choice is all yours. To help you do your best job when packing a mirror, we have decided to share with you some of the most important things to be mindful of when completing this task.

oval mirror on the wall
Although packing a mirror sounds tricky, if you follow some simple rules you will do it like a real pro!

Packing a mirror the right way

Mirrors are pretty complicated things to pack. Not only are they fragile, but there is a certain veil of superstition to them. So, if you are eager to make sure that nothing happens to your mirror and no bad luck comes your way, you should make sure to pack the mirror the right way.  You can do this before local movers TN arrive or wait for their assistance. Following are the 5 ways to do it properly:

  • Getting the right packing materials: Buy the right moving materials that will provide extra security for your mirror
  • Make sure you wrap it properly: Since this will provide even more security for your mirror make sure you do it right
  • Use the tape: Tape the mirror all over and double-tape the edges
  • Use plastic covers for edges: If you skip securing the edges your mirror will be exposed to damaging
  • Get the right box: Pack your mirror into the mirror moving box or use the original packaging if you still have it

Another way is to simply rely on packing services Memphis TN. If you don’t have enough time, o you think this is too tricky for you, let the professional deal with it. For those who have big mirrors, this could be a real lifesaver as bigger mirrors require a much different approach! Let’s dive into more details!

Buy the right moving materials for packing a mirror

The first thing that you need to do is to buy the right moving materials. Without them, you will find yourself on the right track to fail in this process. This goes on for every fragile item that you have in your household. They simply need suitable packing materials and every attempt to use old clothes or towels simply carries a lot of risks!

Moving materials are easy to come by when you know where to look for them. One of your best bets is going to be asking the best moving company Germantown TN to provide you with some. All you need you can get it from there.

mover closing the box as an example of packing a mirror
If you are not sure how to do it right, ask a professional to help you!

Learn how to wrap the mirror properly

Next, you need to know how to wrap the mirror properly. One of the things that you should do is wrap it in protective paper when preparing for a residential move TN. Learn more about it before you get down to work.

Tape the mirror all over

To do as much as you can to keep your mirror in one piece, when performing a student move TN, you should tape an X all over it. It will not hold it together if it gets damaged, but it can help prevent it from entirely falling apart in the case that it does get damaged in transport.

Protect the edges when packing a mirror

Edges are the soft spots for any kind of glass. Mirrors are no different. Make sure to protect them with the rubber when packing a mirror. Be extra careful when moving the mirror to the vehicle. This is when edges are exposed the most and it may lead to breaking the entire mirror.

Pack it into the moving box

To make sure that you transport your mirror without issues, you can pack it into the moving box. Place the cushioning inside to make sure that the mirror has no room to move. This way, packing a mirror will be done the right way.

round mirror in the grass
Always use an extra layer of bubble wrap for the protection of your mirror!

Find another solution

Of course, there is a perfect solution if you don’t want to deal with your mirror. Some people don’t want to risk breaking their mirrors and they don’t have enough skills for packing them. If you are one of those people, simply rely on storage service TN. Their employees will provide all the details and will store your mirror properly! Once you are ready to set your mirror up you can come and take it. In case you have multiple mirrors and needs some time to find the best place in your new home for them, storage units will provide the time for you!

Keep in mind that even if you damage your mirror while packing or transporting it, don’t stress out. After all, broken mirrors won’t bring you any bad luck and instead of thinking about something that can’t happen, you should just repair it. There are countless mirror repair shops in the state of Tennessee and professionals will take good care of them. After packing a mirror place it in a safe area until movers arrive.