5 reasons why students love Memphis

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There are many great and cities in the US that are particularly popular among students. One of those cities is definitely Memphis, Tennesse. The population of Downtown Memphis now has more than 30,000 residents and is ever increasing. This city is one of the happiest cities to live, work and study according to Forbes Magazine. If you are a fresh high school graduate and would love to move here, Spyder Moving Services Tennessee can help you move here. In this text, learn the reasons why students love Memphis.

great universities reasons why students love Memphis
Students like Memphis for its great universities

Best unis-reasons why students love Memphis

One of the most famous universities here is the University of Memphis, which enrolls over 20,000 students each year. For example, it has the only doctoral program for music in Tennessee. Then follows Christian Brothers University, Rhodes College, etc. When professional movers Memphis TN move your possessions to some of the university’s dormitories, your new student life can start, knowing that you will have a great education.

Costs of living in Memphis

One of the most attractive facts about relocating here is the low costs of living. This city has a 91.8 score on the cost of living index. In addition, prices in the restaurants and local clubs are low, together with cheap housing and food. This is one of the reasons why students love Memphis and hire local movers Memphis to move them here. In addition, education costs at the universities are among the lowest.

Good housing options off-campus in Memphis

Not every student has the opportunity or likes to live on campus. For those who prefer renting an apartment, there are many apartment ads that offer living close to your college. Depending on the budget you have, you can choose to live either with a roommate or on your own. The great thing about renting an apartment near a college in Memphis is that for very low costs, you can also have cheap meals in the restaurants around. With a roommate, you will cut the costs and always have company to hang out with.

a flower in coins
Memphis has low living costs

The city is constantly growing

The decision to choose Memphis as your new home city can affect the level of development of the city. After finishing your studies, there are great opportunities to find a job quickly in different industries. Memphis has a title as one of the top 10 cities in the country in terms of growth in Tech jobs. Job growth happens in other fields as well such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics. In this case, you will not have to move again to look for a job.

Having good fun is one of the reasons why students love Memphis

It is not all about education and job opportunities. Students certainly love to have some fun. Memphis is famous among students as one of the cities with a great music scene. There are other numerous activities for young people. Here you can either enjoy visiting places such as B.B. King’s Blues Club or Blues City Cafe.

There are many reasons why students love Memphis. Great education, low costs of living, and good fun are what makes this place so popular among young people.