5 crucial features to look for when renting a storage unit

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We would like to share with you some information about the 5 crucial features to look for when renting a storage unit. So, if you are moving to Tennessee just let our movers know precisely what kind of relocation methods and units you need. We will create a unique solution for you. Continue reading to learn what qualities to look for in a storage unit, as they vary depending on several factors.

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Renting a storage unit for six months is going to cost more per month than one rented for years at a time.

Here are just a few of the factors that should have an influence on your choice

1. You should be renting a storage unit based on the size you need

When determining factors to look for when renting a storage unit, the most important factor will be the size your relocation requires. The next most important factor is the marketplace where you will be renting the unit in question. Why? Note that urban storage units are generally much more expensive than those in small towns. A normal 10×20 storage room costs around $100 a month. Smaller units will cost as little as $40 while larger storage units can go up to $200 a month.

2. Location is everything!

Location is everything in the real estate industry. Just like with any type of real estate, location will also have the same impact on the prices of storage units. So if you are booking a storage unit, contact our movers Memphis TN so that we can help you with all your requirements. Just remember, the more expensive the city you live in, the more expensive the storage units will be. And these expenses will also vary depending on the different neighborhoods within a city, as well. Just like premium real estate.

3. Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit

If you happen to live in an area that experiences extreme heat, cold, or humidity, you should definitely consider renting a storage unit with a climate-control option. Climate controlled storage units do have a higher price point. They cost approximately 15% more than non-climate-controlled storage units. But they are great for storing antiques. Remember, paying a bit more ensures that your important household goods face no risks of damages during their time in storage.

4. Look for an adequate structure type when renting a storage

There are two main types storage units in terms of structure: indoor and outdoor. Indoor units are more expensive. They can be up to 50 percent more expensive than outdoor ones! Furthermore, if you want easy access to your stored furniture, getting a storage unit with ground floor access will also be more expensive.

Just as real estate costs differ from place to place, so too will your storage unit cost vary across the nation.

5. Security system

Security is another major factor when it comes to 5 crucial features to look for when renting a storage unit. You should always book a facility that offers at least one level of security, such as video cameras and keypad entry. But you can also find facilities with 24-hour security guards. Call us, because years of experience in the moving industry have made us experts in both residential and office relocation, as well as local and long-distance moving!