5 common mistakes when self-moving

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There are two ways of how can you prepare for your move. You can hire one of the moving companies in Tennessee or you can do it yourself. The better option is to hire professional movers for your relocation. Since preparing for a move is quite hard, it’s not advisable to do it alone. However, self-moving is not a bad option if you know what you are doing. Moving is not just putting your items in random packing boxes and transporting them to a new home. You need to know when it’s the best time for relocation, where to get packing supplies, how to pack fragile items, and many more. If you don’t have previous experience, your relocation can turn into a disaster. For this reason, here are some common mistakes when self-moving you should avoid.  

What are common mistakes when self-moving that you should know of?  

The first biggest mistake you can do when preparing a move is to do a DIY move instead of hiring movers Jackson TN. But, you can still have a successful move if you really put your mind and effort into preparing your relocation. You should be prepared that the next couple of weeks will be chaotic and tiring. However, preparing for a move can be a little easier if you don’t do the mistakes like the following.

not making a plan is a part of common mistakes when self-moving
You need to make a moving plan
  • Think you can pack everything in a short time  
  • Use wrong packing supplies  
  • Skipping declutter  
  • Don’t set aside essential items  
  • Thinking moving injuries are not serious  

There are also other moving DIY mistakes that you can do when moving to Tennessee. The first mistake you can do is not making a moving plan. Before you even decide on a moving date, you should sit down and make your moving plan that will include everything from day 1 to the end of the relocation.

Thinking you have enough time is maybe the biggest mistake you can make  

One of the benefits of self-moving is that you can set the tempo of packing as you like. However, at the beginning of moving preparation, you always think you have enough time and you don’t have to start packing early. But, this quickly turns into you stressing over how you are going to pack everything in one week. For this reason, you should start packing first when moving all items that you don’t use regularly.  

packed boxes
You should find quality boxes

Skipping decluttering is another common mistake not just in self-moving but also moving with professional movers. Decluttering will help you to improve your life and also your packing process. If you have fewer items to pack, you will naturally need less time to pack 

What kind of packing supplies you use are very important 

In order to avoid common mistakes when moving, you should choose only quality packing supplies. This means renting packing supplies from your moving company or finding them by yourself. If you choose the second option, make sure they are in perfect condition.