5 common mistakes when looking for movers

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You are finally moving to Tennessee and you must prepare for the adventure. As you know, you must work on your moving logistics, search for movers, set aside a moving budget, and pack safely. All those tasks must be covered patiently and adequately if you want to have a safe and efficient relocation. And the most important part of each move is to moving assistance you’ll hire. Therefore, let us help you find the right company and help you avoid mistakes when looking for movers. Let’s go!

You must be prepared for the journey ahead

One of the biggest mistakes when looking for movers that you can do is to tell them you are ready to move when you are not. If you agree on a date and they arrive to find you still in the middle of packing and they must wait for hours, they will charge a hefty price for this situation. Some moving companies will cancel the service completely because they do not want to miss the other scheduled appointment for a few hundred bucks. Therefore, you must have a proper plan set in stone and be ready once your movers Jackson TN arrive.

a person creating a plan
Create a moving plan and write everything down on your moving checklist.

Start by inspecting your home and figure out how complex your move is. Then, check your loft, basement, and garage as well. Note down all your furniture and belongings onto the inventory list. This will tell you how many packing materials you need and you will prepare your moving budget easily. Once you have this info in your hands, call your movers and let them take it from there. Schedule a moving date, agree on services you will use, set a moving price, and start packing.

Not looking hard enough is one of the mistakes when looking for movers

A serious search for moving companies in Tennessee is required if you want to be 100% sure you’ll have adequate service. There are scammers and fraudulent companies like in any other business and you want to avoid them at all costs. Hence, sit down and browse online. In an hour or two, you’ll find a match for sure. Firstly, find a few local companies and compare them. Check out the services, prices, and reviews tied to the moving industry. Soon enough you’ll have more knowledge on the subject and you will easily choose the one that meets the criteria. So, ensure your movers possess the following:

  • An official website with the logo of the company, address, and contact info.
  • Tools, equipment, and enough years of experience.
  • Sizeable moving vehicles and enough manpower for the job
  • Moving insurance and required moving services

Once you compare your movers you can give them a call for a more detailed explanation. And remember, never choose the first one you find. That was never a good idea.

Background check

It is understandable if you want to be 100% sure your investment is safe. After all, you are moving your entire home and you want to be sure your belongings are relocated safely. Moreover, if you are looking for a specific moving service, then you must be sure you hired the right team. For example, if you have a gun rack in your home, you must hire gun-safe movers, and if you have a piano then you should hire piano movers. And so on, for each specific, robust, expensive, or extremely fragile item, there is an experienced and dedicated team to handle it. Those items shouldn’t be handled by inexperienced or fraudulent movers.

a woman using a laptop
Browse online for a bit and do not rush your research. Take some time to find the right moving company.

So, one of the mistakes when looking for movers you can do is not to perform a background check. It does not have to be in-depth digging or detective work. But light research just to confirm their legitimacy. Therefore, check if your movers are licensed by reading a few reviews, social media groups, or giving them a call and asking them. Check FMCSA, the Better Business Bureau, or US Movers Association, and you should find your movers there as well. That should be enough.

Missing out on the onsite estimates is another among mistakes when looking for movers

This is a huge mistake that some of the customers than to make from time to time. Yes, it is a lucrative solution to schedule your move and obtain a moving quote online or via the phone. But a much better option is to let your moving representative pay you a visit and evaluate everything in person. They will have much better insight and with it, provide precise numbers and assemble a cheaper, safer, and better moving plan. Therefore, when you communicate with your movers over the phone, ask them about free onsite estimates and ask them if they offer this service. And most of the serious moving companies do.

How will you pack?

You must know that movers offer a bunch of different moving services. One of them is the ever famous packing service. Basically, movers will bring all the materials, pack, and unpack you upon the delivery. It is a lucrative and most efficient way to cover the boring packing process. But some people skip this one and decide on packing themselves. If you decide on making this DIY project, you must know the full list of moving supplies, how to pack safely, how to secure furniture, how to carry boxes, how to label them, etc. It is confusing, time-consuming, and hard. So, when searching for movers, let them at least explain how the packing service works and what will bring to the table before deciding anything.

Check services and mistakes when looking for movers
If you decide on packing yourself, be sure to use higher-quality packing materials.

Budget, legalities, and moving insurance

Another mistake is overlooking the budget you have for the moving service. After you communicate with your movers, you must dedicate the proper budget. You can’t schedule and agree on a service you cant support. Simply because movers require a down payment and the rest upon delivery. If you can’t pay they won’t deliver your cargo and you’ll have a lot of problems. The same goes for your moving contract, bill of lading, and other personal documents. You must read them inside out and understand everything about it. All of it should be up to date and ready to be used at your new address. If you do not understand legal documents and how this works, seek legal advice.

And finally, ask your movers about the moving insurance and if they offer one. If you are not satisfied with the offer, purchase insurance from an external source and have full coverage for yourself and your belongings.

And now you know how to handle mistakes when looking for movers. Or should we say how to avoid them? Simply follow our guide when the time is right and you shouldn’t have any problems. The key is to find a professional and reliable moving company and you won’t have any troubles. And now you know how to do it. Good luck.