10 moving day hacks to try the next time you move

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People are usually hiring movers because they are skilled, and have the knowledge and proper equipment. That was probably a reason why you decided to hire Spyder Moving Services TN. Well, that was a good decision, especially if you were moving for the first time. However, people are making some mistakes on a moving day. Sometimes they can’t suppress being anxious. They are becoming so concerned about their belongings. And they are moving around, offering help, or giving advice. Only after the moving day is over do they realize how all that was unnecessary. And that they should do it differently the next time. So, here are 10 moving day hacks to try the next time you move.

Moving day hacks, you wish you knew before

After the excitement of moving day passes, you may realize that your behavior didn’t help the movers much. You, for sure, had good intentions. However, you could have helped the movers more in other ways. Luckily, being professionals, your movers understand how the moving day is overwhelming.

Also, you may realize that you have made some other mistakes. Say, your shoes were not the right choice for the occasion. Or you should have organized help with children and pets. So, you may like to learn about the moving day hacks a bit. That way, you will be better prepared for your next moving time.

Movers sitting in the moving truck.
Have everything packed before the arrival of your movers.

10 moving day hacks to try the next time you move

Here are 10 basic moving hacks that can help you. Following them, during the next move, you will be better organized. They will also help you get through your moving day in the easiest way possible.

1. Have everything packed before the arrival of your movers

On the morning of the moving day, all your belongings should be packed up. You will only have to pack the linen used for the night and some toiletries. However, before the arrival of the movers, it is good to make the last checks. Make sure that all the boxes are properly sealed and labeled. The proper labeling will help your movers at the destination. They will know which box is going to the kitchen and which one to the living room. That will also help you when unpacking.

But the most important is that they can start loading the truck as soon as they arrive. Otherwise, they will stay around idle. And keep in mind that moving locally within TN, you are paying per hour. So, such a delay will increase your moving costs. Also, in case of long-distance moving, you may need to pay additional overnight stay in some hotel.

2. Don’t try to load prohibited items

People moving for the first time are usually not aware of what the prohibited items are. They may know about hazardous and inflammable items. However, many would not consider nail polish a prohibited item. So, you may easily pack something not being aware it is prohibited. To avoid the inconvenient situation, ask your mover to supply you with a prohibited items list. And do it before you start packing. In general, such items are:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Inflammable items
  • Perishable food
  • Potted plants
  • Pets

    A boy on plastic cart in the corridor - 10 moving day hacks to try the next time you move.
    Keep the freeway for the movers, taking care of kids and pets.

Some of them you will have to leave. For some, you may have alternative transportation ways.

3. Lock your valuable things inside your private car

Checking the list, you will also notice some other items forbidden for loading into a moving truck. Such are money, jewelry, important documents, contracts, and passports. Also, medicaments are on the list. So, all those items you will have to pack separately. And keep them locked in your own car.

4. Keep free the way for your movers

This is one excellent way to help Memphis movers and packers. When they are carrying the moving boxes, they can’t see what is in front of them. They naturally expect that the pathway is free of any obstacle. So, keep an eye on the kids and pets, if you couldn’t bring them to the daily care. The same goes for the elderly members. They can unintentionally bump into the movers.

So, help your movers in such ways.  Movers will not be disturbed. That will help them to carry and load items faster. Also, by keeping the unobstructed path for them, you will prevent anyone from getting hurt.

5. Make parking or elevator arrangements ahead of time

In case you are living in an apartment building, make arrangements with the building management. Reserve the closest parking lot for the moving truck. Also, ask them to reserve one elevator for moving your things. You will need to make reservations for a certain date and time.

In case you are living in a family house, make sure the moving truck can rich the entrance. Say, if you are moving during the wintertime, clean the snow from the parking lot and sideways.

6. Wear proper shoes and clothes

This is important as it will make you feel comfortable. Moving in inadequate shoes and clothes can disturb you. So, you will not be able to concentrate on tasks. And that can easily lead to mistakes. So, for the moving day, and in accordance with the season, wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

A person is carrying a box and offering healthy snacks.
Offer family and movers some healthy snacks.

7. Have your cell phone fully charged

Maybe you will need to use it a lot. You will need to keep in contact with the moving crew. Also, you may need to call the moving company. You may also receive some calls from the office for helping them solve some work issues. As with any other travel, starting a trip with a cell phone fully charges is wise. 

8. Stay hydrated and take regular breaks

This is important to you, your family, and your movers. In case you are moving during the summertime, staying hydrated is very important. So, make sure to pack enough water and drinks in the portable freezer box. Also, make some light snacks that you can easily move in your car. During the breaks, offer refreshments to both family and movers.

In case you are moving in the winter season, prepare some hot coffee, tea, or cocoa. Keep them in thermos bottles to keep them warm. Having some nice snacks for the family and crew from the moving companies Lakeland TN would be nice.

9. Before leaving do one last walk through the house

Before you leave, make sure that all was loaded. When movers are loading, you can stand aside with the inventory list and make checks. That way you will make sure that all is moved into the truck. Still, you could miss something. So, by going through the house, you will make sure nothing was left.

Also, when you reach your new home, check the inventory list during unloading. That way, you will be sure that movers have brought them all.

10. Have some cash on hand

Most of the cash you will keep in the essential beg, along with other valuables. However, you will need a small amount of cash on hand. Maybe you will need to pay a toll. Or you may need to buy something you forgot to pack, like paper plates. Or some snacks for kids.

Also, in case you are satisfied with the work of the moving crew, you can tip them. It is not your obligation to tip them. However, that way you will show how satisfied you are with their service.

Organize cleaning of your old and new place

Before the moving day, you can hire a cleaning company at your destination place. It is not included as one of 10 moving day hacks to try the next time you move. But, but it easily could be. Moving into a freshly cleaned home is nice. Also, you can leave aside some basic cleaning supplies and do the last-minute cleaning of the old home. The cleaning supplies you can later load in your car. And, the new tenants will, for sure, appreciate your efforts.